The Parlotones Go Universal

Fixtures of the local rock scene for a number of years now, The Parlotones have been given little mention on The Muso to date. That now changes with the news that the band has signed to Universal and is set to focus all it’s energy on breaking into the UK music scene. Powerzone has an article up looking at exactly what this entails in more detail and is certainly worth the read.

Regardless of what you make of their music, a worldwide major label deal is a massive coup for any local band. We wish the guys everything of the best on what is sure to be a demanding road. Most of all we hope that through their success the eyes of the world turn to South Africa, eager for more.


The Parlotones – Louder Than Bombs

The Parlotones – Funny Face



Hit the Powerzone MP3 Charts for more local downloads…

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5 Responses to The Parlotones Go Universal

  1. EN says:

    I really really wish them all the best, they’ve gotten good feedback from licensing a track for a fuji ad in Ireland I think, and seeing as Coldplay and Snow Patrol still hold a lot of weight in UK, they could make a decent career out of this.

    The article you linked to is quite incredible though. Props to whoever wrote it.

    love this quote:

    “The international music fan (and the rest of the music industry) is looking for the NEXT big thing, pioneers in the rock genre, not another band that has regurgitated last season’s hot act or a band that is trying to rehash the same music they loved years ago when they were young. It truly is a tough industry out there.”

  2. EN says:

    Tracey Horn is the one that wrote that article. I am going to look for more of her stuff she is damn good.

  3. DJF says:

    Is there any particular reason why The Parlotones have not got much mention before now?

  4. Kaare says:

    Yawn… Possibly the most boring band I’ve heard in ages, and with terrible lyrics to go with it. They’ll find themselves in good company with all the Keanes, Coldplays and Snow Patrols of the commercial world. Will it ever end?

  5. J. Rhodes says:

    Watch this band. they are going places fast.

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